What Is The Warm Homes Scheme?

Warm Homes Scheme was established back in 2005. The primary goal is to connect you to insulation installers in your local area. We work for many big names in the insulation industry.  We provide you the funding for you and your family home to put up insolation, so your home can be nice and warm to be in. Our main goal and the goal of the Government who is providing the funds is to reduce the carbon emission in households. We ensure that our installers are the best in their field, and customer care, health, and safety is on top of our list. We even provide support service if you have any question before and after you apply.

What is carbon dioxide?

What is carbon dioxide?C02 or carbon dioxide is a gas that has no smell or colors, and it is a natural part of the atmosphere. It takes a small part in Earths atmospheric gases, but in households can be increased because humans and animals exhale it. At small levels, it is not dangerous for humans, but if elevated can provoke many health problems. Because humans exhale C02, overcrowded houses can be a cause of elevated carbon dioxide level. Studies have shown that this can very much harm your health, like having respiratory infections and many other symptoms.  This is something that we are trying to eliminate, by using our quality insulation materials.

Here for you more than 10 years

home insulatedSince 2005 our team had to help you and your family to find funds and to have your home insulated.  We have specialized in providing professional and trustworthy service, offering you advice, information’s, assessment and installation of energy saving products. We use only the best and newest materials on the market, which are not dangerous for your health. The people we serve are the heart of our company. We are committed to be at your service and to make a difference in the community.

We always offer advice and information about our services. So we encourage you to contact us if you have any question, or if you would like to give feedback about our work.

About the Author

Warm House Scheme is here for you from 2005. Being that long in the market, we made sure that we are at the top of our field. We are the leading company in the country and be being the best we are a determent to use only the best material, and only the best men are working with us. Guarantee of our insulation is 50 years! Our staff is always happy to help you, by giving you the right information, from how to apply, and get funding’s, to coming at your home and accessing the state of your home.