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Poisoning Radon – Dangers to Health and Home

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Radon is very unique yet dangerous gas that is naturally produced and is highly radioactive. Water, Soil and rocks contain certain substances such as radium, uranium and thorium.

These substances are broken down and then is discharged into the atmosphere. Radon is unseeable, flavorless and scentless. This radioactive gas is generally produced at locations with deficient air supply, such as mines built underground or even sometimes inside closed properties.

Radon poisoning is very vulnerable to health when exposed for a longer duration. Says Dan, from radon testing in Andover MA

Ways of Radon Exposure on Humans

Many places such as schools, properties, office space, underground areas, etc., are all locations where one can find high intensity of Radon poisoning. Breathing the air in these areas can get one exposed to the naturally produced radioactive gas.

House can also be exposed through the same gas entering through cracks and leakage in the ground. Houses with the following type of buildings have high chances of Radon poisoning exposure.

  • Spaces that are isolated
  • Areas that are enclosed and airtight
  • Locations that are in close contact with soil that carry the harmful substances
  • House with more space allocated towards basement, closet, spaces with just crawling area, etc.

Radon Poisoning Test for Houses

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Every building is unparalleled and thus is the level of radon. Each house depending on the size, shape and number of enclosed areas will differ in their radon level contamination.

The only possibility to keep a check is to conduct tests on the property that can be easily done at home and professional care is not required.

  • Test Conducted Within Shorter Period of Time

Some occupants prefer the test done in shorter periods but at regular intervals. This test lasts for about two to three days and requires all air supply coming into the house be blocked. The equipment required are:

  1. charcoal canisters
  2. electret ion chambers
  3. alpha-track detectors
  4. continuous monitors
  5. charcoal liquid scintillation detectors
  • Test Conducted at a Longer Stretch

The accuracy of the radon test is only achieved with this long term testing that is done at homes. This test is conducted for over a period of 90 days using chamber detectors built with electret ion and alpha-track.

The required materials are available in any hardware shops and it is vital to follow all instructions written in the package. The device kit used for testing is generally kept either in the basement or ground level of the house.

After completion, the device is packed and sent for testing. The results usually take around two weeks to be known.
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Solution to Eliminate Radon

A 4pCi/L or above level of radiation is detected during the tests then a certain amount of renovations are required to be made in the house to eliminate the problem, such as

  • Crack and leakages in the foundation of the house needs to be sealed.
  • Installing a fan system and vent pipe in the soil can help the radon to vent outside rather than them entering the house.
  • Setup gas-accessible sheets with plastic sheets above the same, so as to prevent the radon from entering even through the gas-accessible sheets into the house.

Surroundings are prevalent of harmful gases such as radon and exposure to this naturally formed radioactive gas can cause major ill-health such as cancer to many living beings.