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Guide to Air Conditioning Maintenance

Home Owners Guide to Air Conditioning Maintenance

The air conditioner is a sophisticated electrical appliance that consists of coil, filter, compressor, fins and many other parts. An AC unit can work efficiently, only when all the parts are working perfectly fine. Even, a small abnormality in any of the components can impact its efficiency. This is the reason why you should spend time and money on maintaining your AC unit. In this article, we will provide some basic maintenance tips for your air conditioner unit from https://www.affordableheatandair.biz/


Every air conditioner unit is equipped with one or more filter, which is responsible for trapping the dust particles in the room environment. As the day passes, the dust gets accumulated in the filter beyond its withstanding capacity, thereby forcing the AC unit to work more, resulting in increased energy consumption. To avoid this case, the filters should be cleaned periodically. If the filter is worn out or damaged beyond the level of cleaning, then it should be replaced immediately.

The filters of the central air conditioners are located along the duct’s length, while the room air conditioners filter is located at the backside of the face grill.

There are two type filters viz. reusable and non-reusable. Air filters should be checked regularly and replaced in a shorter interval if it is located in dusty conditions.


The evaporator and condenser coil of the air conditioner unit can get accumulated with dust and dirt over the period. Though the filters can trap the dust and dirt, the evaporator coil can still get dirt due to unavoidable reasons. The accumulated dirt can decrease the airflow and can act as an insulating layer that will reduce the efficiency of the evaporator coil. To prevent this problem, you should clean the coil, at least once in a year.

The condenser coil that is located in the outdoor can get dirty quickly due to the dispersed dust and suspended particles. You should try all your means to reduce the debris and dirt in the area surrounding the condenser unit. Falling leaves, dryer vents and lawn mower are some of the potential sources of debris and dirt.

Coil Fins

The aluminum fins on the condenser and evaporator coil can get bent and can impede the airflow. There is a tool called a “fin comb,” which can get back the fins to its actual condition.

Condensate Drains

Insert a stiff wire into the unit’s drain channel to remove the possible clogs. Clogged drain channels can cause excess moisture in the room environment, which can result in discolored walls and carpet.

Check Window Seals

Before turning on your AC unit, check the metal seal between the window frame and air conditioner for any leaks and rust. This metal seal can wear and rust over time due to moisture, weather, and elements, thereby allowing the cold air to escape outside your home.

Preparing for Winter

During winter, cover your air conditioner to keep it protected it from the debris and dust. You may also remove and store the AC unit in a secure place for better protection.

Hiring a Professional

It is always better to hire a professional contractor for all your AC installation, repair, and maintenance needs.