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Is Fiber Cement Siding the Best Choice For Massachusetts Homes?

Today many people are choosing fiber cement siding for their home’s exterior. Presently, it is estimated that about 20% of homes are opting for fiber cement siding for it imitates the wood and is now being adopted in some of the historic districts. It is available in mimicking brick, stone, and cement, while demanding low in maintenance when collated with wood and costs less than the three. We talked with Tony at Roofing Contractor in Nashua NH.

It came in to spotlight 35 years back and since then it has no looking back because it costs less than brick and wood, proposes strong durability and requires very less maintenance. Jeff from Charlton roofing said that it’s best suited in hot and humid climates and also in ocean areas where it exposed more to fungus and rot. It also works perfectly fine in areas that are exposed to extreme cold temperature.

The fiber cement siding is the beat and the perfect choice for Massachusetts homes for it helps in keeping the house warm because of the thermal mass. It is highly energy-efficient and it provides high ventilation keeping the house cool. 

Fiber cement is noncombustible and suits well for the places where it is exposed to wildfire dangers. It is very well benefitted for few insurance companies offer great compensation for this siding.

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When the sand, wood pulp, and the Portland cement is mixed, Fiber Cement is presented as new material. It comes in stained, primed and painted or also as raw siding in panels, lap siding, shingles, and blocks. The fiber cement is available in textured or smooth surface and appearance.

The fiber cement siding is better for the Massachusetts homes for it hold better paint and is more durable which ultimately reduces the cost of maintenance. In addition, the moisture is resisted and so are the warping, termites, cracking, shrinking, insect damage and fading.

The maintenance of the regiment depends upon the product whether it has been painted on-site of factory painted. The average time span is 5 to 7 years if it is painted on-site and 15 to 20 years for factory paint. But the fiber cement’s lifespan is around 50-100 years.

The materials of fiber cement are available in various thicknesses. The products that are thin are usually low priced and are mostly used in low-value homes. The disadvantage of this product is that it becomes curling by time. But in the case of thicker siding, it lasts long and is sturdy as well. There are also products that are available in the form of interlocking panels that can be fixed vertically or horizontally in the interiors of the house. It presents a beautiful modern or industrial look which plays the durability part very well. 

The installation process usually requires professional, but with few expert tips and deep research and learning, you can fix it for yourself. The fiber cement is slowly gaining popularity in Massachusetts due to attractive, stylish and pleasing appearance for the house. It is also very sustainable and remains very important for homeowners.